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Welcome to Andrews Estate Treasures Liquidations,

Our goal is to provide our customers/clients with an honest, caring and positive experience.    

                                                                         Andrew Hohenfeld.                                                               count on us  Caring, Tenacious and Through.


Get to Know Us

Greetings !

I'm Andrew I'm a Cleveland native, I have over 20+ years of experience in antique/luxury market and specialize in the estate liquidation business. What sets me apart from other liquidators is that I take the time to listen to my client's needs and wants, my strengths are organization skills, communication between my clients and having empathy and patience for every situation but also leading with a firm and fair grip. One of personal beliefs is treat people fairly and honestly and most importantly be real be genuine be yourself, life's too short to have hangups.   

 I've been blessed to have had many great mentors in my lifetime I've had a variety of learning experiences and situations. I'm proud to offer my experience, knowledge and wisdom to help assist my clients with their unique and personal needs may it be brokering an estate of all sizes big or small. Ps, I couldn't do it without the help of my knowledgeable and trusted team. Andrew Hohenfeld.


My goals are to help assist my clients realize the top value for their property by making their experience a positive one by providing them a reliable, fast and most importantly honest service. 


Please call or Txt me at 440-465-5882 for a free evaluation regarding estate sales and or buyouts and consignments. 



services my company offers.

: Estate/Tag sales.

: Consignment.

: Consultations and evaluations.

: Donations to charitable organizations.

: Buy outs.

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